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Fun Razor: 3 out of 4 rappers agree! You should read this!

Musicians Will Groove for Gas Money

pssst: click the pic to get to the site to buy this beauty! Thx

Update 8/29/12: Since I first posted this, 3 of the 4 musicians on this album tweeted about it! How awesome is that? (WarRock was busy – he and a friend’s tech tools were stolen [they both make their living online], so he rocked a 24 hour rap-a-thon to raise enough money to replace their tools AND had enough left over to donate more than $1200 to charity. Way to turn that lemon into champagne! You can read all about it here.)

Fun Razor = fundraiser. Mikal kHill, Tribe One, Jesse Dangerously and Adam WarRock are nerdcore hip-hop musicians going on tour this fall and doing everything themselves. That’s right: they book, promote and get their own selves and gear to each show. And they need our help.

Fun Razor gives us awesome tunes and we give these independent musicians gas money. Nifty trade, I say. I strongly encourage you to give it a listen and, more importantly, buy it!  

Each musician wrote raps over their favorite beat of another musician on the tour. Cool, eh? If you are new to nerdcore hip-hop, then this is a small sampler plate full of goodies to get you started on the road to fandom. For the rest of us, it’s a lovely buffet so you can enjoy, lean back, pat your belly and unbutton that top button on your pants.

Here’s the menu:

 1. “Pauly Shore” – Jesse Dangerously (original beat from Adam WarRock and Tribe One)

My jaw dropped when I first heard this bit of yummy. How can anyone rap so fast and draw me in? And funny, too: “I’m Tom Petty. White people love me for no reason.”

 2.   “Awwwwww Fuck” – Mikal kHill (original beat from Jesse Dangerously)

Um, yeah. This one came on my car speakers just as I pulled up to the recycling center on family day so I had to return to it later. Listening to this beat I feel like I’m watching old style James Bond. Baaaaad-asss!

 3.    “Primordial Ooze” – Adam WarRock (original beat from Jesse Dangerously)

I truly do hate to say this but I’m not a fan of the beat. However, Adam does nice smooth raps over it in a cool-cat style I dont’ often get to hear.

 4.     “Nerd Cred” – Tribe One (original beat from Jesse Dangerously and Timbuktu)

Another James Bond sounding piece. I can totally strut to this one. Plus, I love hearing how proud he is that his girlfriend aced a video game.

 5.     “Mr. Self Destruct” – Mikal kHill (original beat from Adam WarRock)

 Almost a western feel to this one – man with no name comes to town and everyone dives for cover.

 6.      “Coming Out Wrong” – Jesse Dangerously (original beat from Tribe One)

A song about struggling with gender. This one may take a few listens before you fully grok it. This is the part of nerdcore hip-hop I like – the stories and struggles that make the music deeply personal

7.       “Ultraman” – Adam WarRock (original beat from Tribe One)

Anti-superhero  – all bad-ass with no compassion. Fun!

 8.       “Biggest Losers” – Jesse Dangerously and Tribe One (beats by Mikal kHill)

I dig kHill’s beats so I was destined to like this one. Jesse Dangerously and Tribe One make me love it more. Plus, this rap has two of my favorite quotes on this album: “I might be invincible but I’ll never know till I crash and burn” and “Even when we lose we’re the best at it.”

 9.      “Are You Listening?” – Mikal kHill (beat by The Remnant/Tribe One)

Dark, clever lyrics, sparse beats and a chorus I can’t shake – reminds me of the movie “Silent Hill” for some reason. Haunting.

 10.   “My Name is Demonos” – Tribe One (beat by Mikal kHill)

Death-metal-nerdcore-hip-hop. Yes, I rapped the chorus in my car with my windows down and felt like the biggest bad-ass ever – screw it that I’m a middle-aged, married white woman in a tan Toyota Corolla. “I’M A BAD, BAD MAN AND I’M COMING TO GET YOU!”

 11.   “Instagram” – Adam WarRock (beat by The Thought Criminals/Mikal kHill)

Thoughtful rap about social connection through the internet. The beat was running through my mind when I woke up last night and got me drifting in thought. Nice.

 12.   “My Muse” – Mikal kHill (beat by The Remnant/Tribe One)

 And let’s wrap up this awesome album with a love song to kHill’s wife. I listened, cried and was happy.


Give this album a try. It’s definitely worth it for long-time fans and a good intro for newbies.


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