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“Raise your hands if you got mad skills! Keep ’em up if you got mad kills! Make a fist if your party’s always ready. Shout it out, what you roll? NATURAL 20s”

Groove to the funky beat of your D&D days with this bit of awesomeness from Dual Core.

Yes, I have branched out from Adam WarRock, to The Thought Criminals to Dual Core. I may be late to the nerdcore hip-hop party, but I’m here now and I’m funky and I do indeed groove.


That’s How We Do It In The 616!: Special New Year’s Bonus Post

Nerdcore hip-hop goodness! If you don’t understand what I just said, fret not and listen anyway:

Get the free download at Leave him a note and show him some love! Stand by for the full album next month, y’all!

P.S. I’m a fan of this man because he is making something he loves in full do-it-yourself fashion. It ain’t canning, but it’ll do. 🙂

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