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Tango Chill: Queremos Paz by Gotan Project


On my commutes, I listen to nerdcore hip-hop almost exclusively now. (Click on the rap and music topic tags on the right to learn more.) By day I’m a software tester and my work requires concentration. So I pick music that’s chill – with no words if possible. Thanks to Pandora, I’ve discovered electronic tango: a mix of hip beats and traditional tango music. I highly recommend the Gotan Project station on Pandora for more.



“Raise your hands if you got mad skills! Keep ’em up if you got mad kills! Make a fist if your party’s always ready. Shout it out, what you roll? NATURAL 20s”

Groove to the funky beat of your D&D days with this bit of awesomeness from Dual Core.

Yes, I have branched out from Adam WarRock, to The Thought Criminals to Dual Core. I may be late to the nerdcore hip-hop party, but I’m here now and I’m funky and I do indeed groove.

Inside the Sun: Yoshida Brothers Remix

Forget the Wii commercials where you first heard this and just listen.

Preferably in your car.

With the top down.

On a winding road.

With no other traffic.

The sunset is straight ahead.

You are driving to the first reading of your new collection of short stories.

All your friends will be there. Some of your idols will be too.

This is the beginning.

What do YOU hear when you listen? Comment below!

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