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Geek Love #2: Felicia Day

This is the second in a series of geek love articles where there will be much gushing over geeky, nerdy people who make me happy.

Folks, I’ve fallen in love again. This time, with a woman. (Again, my husband doesn’t mind. He’s a good guy. See this post.) Felicia Day is a writer and actor I first learned about from her role as Penny, the girl who would save the homeless, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

In the musical commentary (thaaaat’s right), she mentions The Guild, her web series about a group of online gamers, as an inspiration for Dr. Horrible. So…I had to check it out…because….I just HAD to. Seriously, I’d just watched the MUSICAL COMMENTARY for a supervillan musical. I had started down the yellow-brick road and I was going to follow it to the end!

The Guild is about gamers who meet up in life for the first time because Codex (Day) needs their help getting a “warlock gnome” off her couch. (Just go with it.) They are awkward and geeky and not real good at the whole social interaction thing which I can totally relate to.

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Geek Love #1: Adam WarRock (and my career search)

This is the first in a series of geek love articles where there will be much gushing over geeky, nerdy people who make me happy.

I love Adam WarRock, my nerdcore rap hero. (Yes, my husband knows and he’s fine with it. A little confused, but fine.) Nerdcore is rap about nerdy, geeky things like comics, movies, TV shows and games. Adam (that’s his rap name and I’ll use it here because I like it) raps about these things he loves, what they meant to him as an awkward kid and what they mean to him now.

Adam’s career change from lawyer to rapper made me love what he does all the more. Like me, he got a master’s degree (mine was in mental health counseling) and worked in that field for a while but wasn’t happy. He eventually returned to what he had done years before: write and rap. Me? Just the writing. I only rap to an exclusive audience: my car.  

Years ago I was a mental health counselor providing case management services to low-income adults with serious mental illnesses. I did what I could but felt it was never enough. I felt powerless. So I finally took a hard look at what I enjoy and made my way into a new job in medical software support. (That makes the transition sound easy but it wasn’t. There were acres of angst. But that’s a story for another time.) 

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That’s How We Do It In The 616!: Special New Year’s Bonus Post

Nerdcore hip-hop goodness! If you don’t understand what I just said, fret not and listen anyway:

Get the free download at Leave him a note and show him some love! Stand by for the full album next month, y’all!

P.S. I’m a fan of this man because he is making something he loves in full do-it-yourself fashion. It ain’t canning, but it’ll do. 🙂

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