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About Me

My name is Susan “Athena” Holland. I love creative and interesting things that are not always part of the mainstream: Doctor Who, Thursday Next, canning, nerdcore hip-hop and Firefly, to name a few. A few years ago, I started identifying myself, proudly, as a geek. See this post for more information.

By day, I am a production assistant at a software development company. By (some) nights, I write: short stories and creative non-fiction pieces which I post here. I also work with writer Ethan Murphy on comics. I edit, aid in creating characters and research the little details that help flesh out a story. You can find him (and his friends) at ManMadeMurphy.

I am married to Dale Morse, an artist-blacksmith of great talent. Check out Clay Hill Forge for examples of his extraordinary custom-made architectural ironwork. Go to Virginia Institute of Blacksmithing for information on classes for people of all skill levels.



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. ethan murphy on said:

    Yay!! You mentioned your work with little ole me!!

  2. Who raised this woman? Steve Holland

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