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Do you suffer from PMP?

I do.

And it’s embarassing:

The missing links.

The misspelled words.

And worst of all: no tags or categories so strangers can find my posts!

I’m talking about PreMature Posting. It happened to me just this week. My musical post appeared a few days earlier than expected. I thought I was all hot because I’d written my post days early. I was ready to go! I thought I’d be all “in the moment” and schedule it for Friday morning as usual. I figured I’d come back to it later to finish it off.

Big mistake – I missed poorly spelled words and I’d used passive voice all over the place! Plus, no links to all those musicians I wanted to support.

“So what’s the cure?” you ask. “Double-check your work? Set the alarm for midnight Friday morning and click publish then?”

Hell-to-the-no! I’m just gonna roll with it because, let’s face it, the post came early….

…but you still liked it.


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4 thoughts on “Do you suffer from PMP?

  1. Sounds serious. Perhaps there’s an ointment or something.

  2. I don’t think you can call yourself a real blogger until you’ve done this at least once. Or weekly in my case.

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