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Arrows, An Interview and The Answer

My very own cabin in the woods. Wait! Where’s Bruce Campbell?

The Geekiest Girl has just returned from summer vacation at Douthat State Park: one week in a cabin with good food, good cocktails (The Gemini), good books, bad movies and long hikes. Lots of long hikes.


Hiking is an excellent way to develop good stories. After the first half hour, the old brain starts to settle down into a good thinking mode – kinda like that dreamy place you go to when you are on a long and familiar drive.

I started a story (based on a dream) while on those hikes. It’s a post-apocalyptic, zombie story. Yeah, I know. Like we need more of those. But I gotta tell ya, when I tried to make it NOT another one of those stories, it fell apart. Story didn’t work. The truth is that it IS a post-apocalyptic, zombie story. So I’m just gonna go with it.

The hikes and the story led to this conversation, perhaps one of the more interesting ones of my married life:

Me: “If you had to kill someone stealthily and quickly from a distance, how would you do it?” Did I mention I was walking BEHIND hubby when I said this?

Hubby: “I’d use a bow and arrow.” I think he glanced back to make sure I didn’t have one on me.

Me: “How would you kill someone with a bow and arrow in one shot? Quickly, so can’t call out for help.”

Hubby: (without pausing at all) “Shoot them through the throat. You’ll hit an artery and their vocal cords.” Now, I’m a little nervous.

Me: “Great! Thanks! That’ll be….um…good for my story. Yeah.”

This conversation makes me proud of my marriage in a quirky and, okay, kinda sick sort of way.

Job Interview: Yes, I have very short hair.

Before I left for vacation, I saw a job posting that seemed to be written just for me. I’ll go into details another time, just know that it sounded PERFECT! When I returned home, I scheduled the interview. It was the most unique and exciting interview I’ve ever had. Now, I’m waiting. Sigh.

I’m an anxious person (I swear this is related – not a detour) and as many other anxious people do I handle my anxiety by planning ahead. So now, one week after the interview, I have already mentally occupied this job: I’ve brought in plants, decorated my desk, picked my parking spot and put my lunch in the fridge. I’m interacting with coworkers….shoot, I am ALREADY THERE.

So if after all that I find out I don’t get the job…well. I’ll have to unpack and move my car and say goodbye to everyone and remember to grab my lunch! It’s a lot of work this imaginary job! I only hope it is (was? will be?) worth it!

The Answer

 We celebrated my 42nd birthday while on vacation. Yes! I see a Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy fan jumping up and down. Go ahead, my friend, tell us what that’s all about:

Fan (breathless): “That’s my favorite book!”

Me: “That’s nice dear, but…..42?”

Fan: “Oh, yes. Well. 42 is the ANSWER! It is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life…”

Me: “…the Universe..”

Together: “…and EVERYTHING!”

Me: “Great explanation! Now get off me! That’s just creepy.”

Okay, what’s the Ultimate Question, you ask? No one knows. See, pan-dimensional beings (whom we see as mice) created Earth as a computer. All life on Earth was built to calculate the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything to which a PREVIOUS computer had stated the answer was “42”. But then the earth got destroyed by the Vogons to build a hyperspace bypass.

Please, people – read the book. It’s dry, English and witty. It’s goofy and fun. Plus there’s all sorts of stuff about sneezes and digital watches.

And no zombies.

What did YOU do on your summer vacation? Tell me below (and I don’t really care if it’s true or not).


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8 thoughts on “Arrows, An Interview and The Answer

  1. Haha, this one accurately shows what goes on in that mind of yours. And I did the hubby ever come back with you from the trip? Where’s the body?

  2. Tavia on said:

    Love it, Susan. Great post! So glad your hubby survived the trip!

  3. From the hubby: “It was mostly harmless.”

  4. Anonymous on said:

    Susan, This is your dad. Where did I go wrong? Don’t you remember what I taught you about getting rid of people the perfect way? Teach them the Gospel wrong so they will believe it and someday go to hell. Vengeance is mine saith the preacher. Love and all that.

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