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How Short is Too Short?

When the writing gets tough, the writer changes things up with a writing challenge: 240-character short stories! (Like a tweet!)



Sara massaged her painfully stubbed toe. That’d teach her to leave dead bodies lying around in the kitchen. After all, just because you kill demons and save the world, doesn’t mean you get to give up on tidiness.



“…and that’s why squirrels eat nuts!” Sam shook so hard with laughter his drink spilled on the mahogany table. I hadn’t heard the first part of the joke. I was watching the black car just outside the window, waiting in the moonlight.


Justin drinks Earl Gray tea. He says it reminds him of a college trip to Ireland where he wandered the hills, read Ulysses and felt erudite. But I know it reminds him of Captain Picard from Star Trek. He’s just too embarrassed to admit it.



 Got a super-short story of your own? I’d love to read it. Post it in the comments below!


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5 thoughts on “How Short is Too Short?

  1. Tavia on said:

    I’m up early. 5:30 am. Sitting on the living room floor and folding the laundry, the birds are awake with me. I hear them chirping their morning songs through the window. My little piles of clean clothes are now in jeopardy as my cats begin their morning battle. I wondering I’ll be happy or mad…

  2. Lynda Holland on said:

    You say so much in so few words!! Very different than when you used to talk from the back seat of the car.


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