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Autumn’s Evening Breeze

Another groovy, funky, lovely find from Pandora. Enjoy the day!


Rant and Rave #2: Courtesy Flush

Note: this is a rant and rave. They are good and healthy for the soul. Also, they sometimes come with f-bombs. You have been warned.




We all do it. We all know we do it. We need to do it. Sometimes it feels good to do it.

I’m talking about pooing.

And I’m saying that it must stay private. I’d really rather you not share.

Especially in the office. Read more…

Sing it with me: “I’m the one that’s cool! I’m the one that’s cool!”

From my Geek Love #2: Felicia Day. I don’t mean she’s #2. I mean the Geek Love post I wrote about her was #2. Not “number 2” number 2. I mean it was the second one in a series… 

Aw, geez. Just enjoy the vid, will ya?

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