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Geek Love #2: Felicia Day

This is the second in a series of geek love articles where there will be much gushing over geeky, nerdy people who make me happy.

Folks, I’ve fallen in love again. This time, with a woman. (Again, my husband doesn’t mind. He’s a good guy. See this post.) Felicia Day is a writer and actor I first learned about from her role as Penny, the girl who would save the homeless, in Dr. Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog.

In the musical commentary (thaaaat’s right), she mentions The Guild, her web series about a group of online gamers, as an inspiration for Dr. Horrible. So…I had to check it out…because….I just HAD to. Seriously, I’d just watched the MUSICAL COMMENTARY for a supervillan musical. I had started down the yellow-brick road and I was going to follow it to the end!

The Guild is about gamers who meet up in life for the first time because Codex (Day) needs their help getting a “warlock gnome” off her couch. (Just go with it.) They are awkward and geeky and not real good at the whole social interaction thing which I can totally relate to.

Don’t game online? Don’t worry! Sure, you’ll miss some of the gaming and nerdy references, but the writing is smart and funny, the acting is awesome and it just plain rocks!

The Guild was born from love and that is what makes me kvell for it. Felicia took what she loved – gaming – and what she was good at – writing/acting and made a role for herself. This time, she’d be the hero! (Note, for the real story, please go to her site. All this I’m writing here is just me talking, folks.)

You all know by now I love do-it-yourselfers. That’s what Felicia is. You know I love passionate people. You know I love people who are geeky – who love things off the beaten path. That’s who Felicia is. She created her own path in her career. I admire that. It’s what I long to do. 

For some time, I denied my geekier side or tried to hide it. It’s been almost 2 years now since a coworker happily called me “the geekiest girl I know”  and I started to accept myself. I am made deliriously happy by things not everyone gets: science fiction, games, odd movies, Joss Whedon….. I started putting up Firefly and Battlestar Galactica posters in my office. I went back to the science fiction section of the library – with pride. I put that Scully figurine out on my desk.

So, I’d come out to myself and the few people around me at work. But there was Felicia unabashedly her own sweet geeky self online. I decided I would give that a try myself, in much smaller form, with this blog. This is where I came out in public about “the beauty of loving the things you love” and my desire to write about them and to write well about them. In this blog, I strive to be my own true self without apologies.

Writing well has become the main focus lately — and it’s been a struggle. But I had to keep going: I had promised myself that if I made it to six months with this blog, I would write Felicia and tell her thank you for inspiring me.

Better late...

Dear Felicia,

Thank you for your art – for your writing and acting. Thank you for the characters and stories you have created. Thank you for being your own unapologetic, unabashed, geeky, awkward, neurotic, OCD self. Thank you for being that self PUBLICLY and honestly. Thank you for sharing it with us, your fans. Thank you for treating your fans well. You speak to us like people and we know you mean what you say.

You’ve struggled but you persevered. That inspires me.

Thank you,



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8 thoughts on “Geek Love #2: Felicia Day

  1. Lynda Holland on said:

    Great as usual!

  2. Is it OK if I’m in geek love with you? Very nice post.

  3. Tavia on said:

    Great post, Susan!! Thanks for sharing your love with us!

  4. Awzzum!! Sounds like a match made in Comic-Con!!!

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