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Numa, numa

Unabashed, heartfelt and unashamed joy: THIS is how to love the things you love. I found this video years ago and it has never failed to make me happy.

Side note: “It’s the beauty of loving the things you love” is a phrase I’ve hinted at here a few times. I stole it from Adam WarRock’s song “Firefly”.

It’s a beautiful sentiment: that there is merit and grace in the feelings you have for what you feel so passionately about and not just in the thing itself. Feelings so strong you post a video of yourself being deliriously, gloriously silly.


600 (8 x 3) + 2= 0

A 600 word short story for NPR’s 8th 3 minute fiction contest plus 2 weeks to write it equals no blog post this week. The story is coming along well. It will be ready for submission by Sunday’s deadline dagnabit! Cannot post it here until the contest is over.

Another reminder: you can read my earlier post Recipe for a Short Story to get an idea of how this thing got done. (Yes, I know I told you about it last week. I’m just real proud of that post.) Here’s what I can tell you about the process this time around: dialog is a b*tch!

See you next week!

Violence and Variations

Violence and Variations has been with me for my evening commute this week. I’d drive up the mountain, see the valley below, the sunset ahead,  listen to this and think about my short story.

That’s right! I forgot to tell you that I’ve enter NPR’s 8th 3 Minute Fiction contest. When the contest is over I will post the story here. In the meantime, you can reread my post “Recipe for a Short Story“, about the process of writing these stories, and enjoy this music.

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