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My Theme Song for February: St. Germain featuring John Lee Hooker

Recently I mentioned waking up in the middle of the night with music playing in my head. I’ve been able to replace the awesome, but waaaaay too revved up for sleep, rap of Adam Warrock with this:

P.S. My dad can totally play guitar like this.


Rant and Rave #1: “THEY LIED!”

Note: this is a rant and rave. They are good and healthy for the soul. Also, they sometimes come with f-bombs. You have been warned.

People lie. That’s a fact. But what really rubs me no end of wrong is to hear someone immediately leap to the conclusion that another person is lying – not a “no those jeans don’t make your butt look big” lie but a malicious, calculating, “I have made a conscious decision to give you false information” lie.

The quick, knee-jerk assumption that another person is lying with intent sends me from calm, cool collected Spock to raging Hulk complete with torn shirt, purple pants and a bad wig. That type of “assumptive” thinking leaves no room for doubt or other possibilities. It’s sloppy thinking. It’s unfair and unjust thinking.

People are less strategic than they are inept. That is, most people are less likely nefarious, malicious and calculating liars than they are misinformed, misguided or lazy. Lying takes an effort that most of us don’t want to expend. AND the person being lied to isn’t usually worth the effort. Keep reading

Cacaphony in the Bedroom

My husband and I both suffer from “Active Brain”: we wake up in the middle of the night with our brains racing and usually we hear a piece of music as well. I wondered what it would sound like if the music played out loud.

This is what my husband heard:

This is what I heard:

While I wrote this I played both simultaneously and am quite appreciative that while we share a life, we cannot share a mind.


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