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Julia Child wanted to be a spy

Boggled? I was when I heard that in this interview on NPR. She thought she would be a good at it because no one would believe anyone as tall as her would be a spy.

We land in a different place than we aimed for. Julia wanted to be a spy. I wanted to be an astronaut. This blog aimed to be about science fiction, Doctor Who, Firefly and video games. I’ll get to those things. But for now it has landed elsewhere.

And this is the part where I could talk about how “the journey’s the thing” and how we end up where we need to be and something about destiny or enjoying the ride.

But I won’t.

Instead, like the bounty hunter Jubal Early in the final episode of Firefly, drifting unteathered in his spacesuit, I will say:

“Well. Here I am.”

Not wistful. Not contemplative. No intended meaning or purpose. A simple statement of fact: This is where I’ve landed.

“Well. Here I am.”


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