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I’ll do it my own dang’d self, thank you very much: Part 1

Do-it-yourself-ery: repairing a car, knitting a sweater, baking a cake from scratch….

I feel good knowing how to do these things–capable and confident. I like the compliments and more than anything I like possessing the knowledge. And let me tell you, the look on the car dealer’s face when I popped open the hood of a car on his lot just to be sure the spark plugs were in easy reach for future repairs….well, that ain’t too shabby.

Yeah. Knowing how to do things is fun.

Sure, part of the fun is that I don’t have to do these things. I could pay someone else, an actual expert, to do them. But it’s nice to know that when the zombie apocalypse comes, I’ll be able to maintain the get-away car, stay warm with a hand-knit sweater and stave off starvation with delicious treats.

One of the do-it-yourself projects I’ve always wanted to do is can. I dreamed of the day I would have my very own basement shelves filled with my canned goods. I’d be all creative and self-sufficient. I am aware this is a very weird and strange dream for a geeky girl. How did I become infected with that particular bug? Dunno. But I found the cure…

Next time: Do It Yourself Part 2: Canning


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3 thoughts on “I’ll do it my own dang’d self, thank you very much: Part 1

  1. Canning is so much fun. Hard work. But, the satisfaction factor when I look at the jars all lined up……….Can’t beat it!

    I also love playing a bit of a dinner table game with myself…….figuring out what the items are that I did myself. Love it when they out number the store bought stuff.

    I’ll be sure to stop in & check your progress, as you begin filling your shelves with yumminess!

  2. ethan murphy on said:

    Awzzum post!! You’ve managed to make doing chores sound like a bad-ass way to fight off zombies! Nicely done.

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