The Geekiest Girl

A few of my favorite things…

“The Geekiest Girl I Know”

Jayne's hat from Firefly.

Geeks are interested in what is not commonly interesting: ideas, art and culture skewed from the common. This is my view, now, at any rate.  It wasn’t always.

Science fiction, Doctor Who, a new complicated word, Tomb Raider, good acting, great writing, Joss Whedon, Firefly, Jasper Fforde, Thursday Next, movies, books, games……these are a few of my favorite things. But I have not always loved the reaction when I talked about them. Most of my life I seemed to be just a little too odd for my own good.

One day I took a risk with a coworker. We had talked about gaming (he was surprised to meet a woman gamer) and he mentioned Tomb Raider. I talked about how much I loved those games and how I had struggled with internal feminist conflict over the games: strong, intelligent, tough woman (good) vs. visual representation (pandering). He said, with some happiness, “Don’t get me wrong, but you are the geekiest girl I know.” It was the first time I had been named a geek, and named a geek as a positive thing. (I decided to overlook being called a girl. He was trying.)

Because at that moment I started to understand that being a geek meant I was interested in different and unique things. And that it was a good  thing.

Tomb Raider

I “geek out” (i.e. get crazy, arm-waving, rapid-fire happy) on science fiction, movies, games, actors, canning, knitting and I need to talk about them: to hold forth on a well-written line, worthy of excitement, a view into the growth of a show’s writers; to exclaim that Jasper Fforde and Harlan Ellison are the best damned writers around; to state for all the world to hear that above all else I want to spend just one night on Serenity—preferably on Kaylee’s hammock in the engine room.

Why should you care? You shouldn’t. Unless you like these things too. I’ll be geeking out on everything that makes me happy and throwing in links in case you are interested in learning more. Talk to you soon!


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8 thoughts on ““The Geekiest Girl I Know”

  1. This is your first post?!?!

    Then allow me to be the first comment!

    I expect many geeky things to occur here…

    I’ve never really met a “canning” geek before. Maybe I’ll learn something here!

    • Thanks for the kind comments. Yes, the idea is to have a chance to geek out about the things I love…..which includes canning! I am curious how you found this blog.

      Best of luck with your writing. And hopefully you can visit again. I WILL write about Doctor Who again at some point……

  2. Welcome to the club Sis!

  3. ethan murphy on said:

    I still love how out of the comment “geek girl” the girl is the part you find insulting and the geek is the part you find endearing. Haha, awzzum.

  4. I found this by “tag surfing”, it’s just a feature I use to help me find cool new blogs.

    And you were one of them!

  5. That’s MY niece talking here. She comes from a long, long line of closet and not so closet geeks . . . so proud, see the tear?

  6. I’m an old geek. Star Trek (TOS, TNG, DS9) and all the knock offs in the 70’s and 80’s (yes, I’m looking at you, Star Wars. George never would have found that galaxy far, far away without Trek.) I’m a computer addict and have played some of my son’s video games so I can relate to the new geeks, too.

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