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World-builders needed!

Young Omara

Dear friends, family and fellow writers,

I’m building a world and could use your help with some of the details.

Some of you have heard me talk about a character named Omara. (See the attached pics. Young Omara – above – is my favorite.) I’ve been working on the characters and their stories for a while, but now I need to flesh out the society in which they live for it all to make sense. I need some real-world knowledge to help with the details on social structure, politics, sociology and technology. If you have some knowledge in these fields that could be helpful or know of someone who’d be willing to talk with me, I’d greatly appreciate the input.

Here’s the idea in a nutshell:

It’s the future. Humanity either lives on Earth in the future. We have achieved some level of harmony with the natural world (we live about as green as we can while still having technology). We’ve done this (not sure how) in part through the use of technology. Implanted technology. Every child at a certain age (not sure when) has technology implanted in them (nannites? chips? etc.). This allows them to manipulate their world and environment – using transportation, running their homes, connecting and communicating with each other.

However, a small percentage of the population (3%?) experience rejection of the technology implantation. They cannot use the technology. These people become a type of second-class citizen and are, in some respects, considered disabled (compared to the majority of the population). Imagine all the ways that the physically and mentally disabled are treated in the world right now: everything from partnership with them to benign neglect to patronizing concern to ignoring them to disdain and even to de-humanization and cruelty. That is how the “non-techs” are treated in this world.

Older OmaraThere are also two other groups in this world who do things very differently – these are very small groups. One is almost a cult of technology worship in which the people try to make themselves more technological and mechanical as a way to become more than human. If a child in that society is born non-tech, they abandon it outside their village/city for three days. If it dies, they don’t care. If it lives, they keep it as a slave and as fodder for experimentation on making themselves more technological and mechanical.

Then, there’s another group that believes the use of implanted tech is wrong. It is made up of non-techs and techs who live together. Think of a commune type situation. The techs who live there have either had their tech removed or simply refuse to use it. This group is made up of people who dislike the inequalities in current society between the two groups. Some of them are couples (one tech, one non-tech) who have fallen in love with each other but who are not normally permitted to be together. Ideological and romantic refuges, in a sense.

A world such as this will have certain rules, internal logic and structure. I need help in building that and would like information that will help me make this believable.

I appreciate your help and recommendations both for ideas and for people to consult. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.

Many thanks!



The Walking Dead

I’d visited this Target before but this time was different. I saw the weaknesses: wide-windowed doors and an open floor plan. But I could manage those, if it happened while I was here. First, I’d pile some heavier displays and a tangle of shopping carts in front of the doors. Then, I’d block off all but one entrance – a windowless door in the back. Maybe booby trap it.

I walked the aisles, noticing what I’d need (canned goods, first aid, heavy clothing) and what would be useless (ipads, televisions, printers). For the first time I looked up. I wondered if there was space in the ceiling or maybe access to the roof (since the dead can’t climb). A place to hole up with supplies and wait, raiding the store as needed. It could work. But if I’m trapped in here with these people and their families, who can I trust? Who has the skills to help us survive the zombie apocalypse?

Remember the feeling of leaving a theater after an intense movie. You see the world through the eyes of the characters. The meanings of things are changed. You’re in a fog of double vision: the world that is and the world that was just a moment ago. Before I entered that Target, I had just listened to Mikal kHill’s new album “The Walking Dead”. But it’s no album, it’s an audio movie.

“The Walking Dead” tells the story of a zombie outbreak. One that takes Mikal’s family and leaves him on the run. He finds and loses friends, fights the undead, tries to survive, surrenders hope and gains purpose along the way. At the end, he makes the only decision a family man could make.

This is not an album you put on shuffle or skip to your favorite tracks and play over and over. This is an album you always start at the beginning and listen through to the end, carefully, because you know you missed something before. You look for clues, for hope, for understanding. And then, when you are done, you walk out of your own mental theater and look at the world differently for a time.

The short version is…..

…I’ve hit a plateau in my writing. That’s why no posts for three weeks.

So to get myself moving again, I’m taking an 8 week creative writing class. Already I feel a difference – using muscles I didn’t know I had, expanding on what I’ve done so far. It’s good. But it takes time and energy so I’m focusing on that.

When I’m done, I’ll post at least one new short story. Then? Well, we’ll see.

In the meantime, many thanks for your visits and comments. They mean a lot. I’ll be back and we’ll talk some more then. Promise.

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